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Real Life Fantasy

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Real life
Real life fantasy
Fantasy Real life
Real life fantasy

I'm a rockstar Rick James Mick Jagger
Bright lights, big stages, bad habbits
Get high go to prison and evade taxes
This is not what I envisioned when I started rapping
Fuck the mansions, the phantoms, the suites, the cabanas
Because none of that matters when the mirror shatters
All I see is pieces of me scattered
Is it a miracle or is it madness?
Because when I puts it all together it reflexs this
And this is me
About as close as you gonna get to insanity or genius
My real life fantasy

Is this my life or am I dreaming?
I can't lie I don't believe it
I-... I don't believe it
I-... is this my life

The talk of the fantasies, the more twisted the memories
I never thought Gotti would leave the game like d r e
Never thought 'shanti would ever stop reppin the team
And how the the fuck is Lloyd hooking up with the enemies?
If this was 03 I would have told you
You was crazy if you told me this is what it would be
I miss Vita, Caddi, Black Child, Charlie
I thought we were tighter then the Marleys, family
But I guess you can't be, in an industry that breeds nothing but envy
Jealousy, please nobody be friend me!
In my real life fantasy


I'm fantasizing about dreaming 'bout a nightmare
How weird is this, it seems like somebody just lost their grip on
(real life) Fantasy [x4]
I'm on more than they're on, cocaine or methadone
I'm on this money these bitches the upper echelon
I'm on one, reality's on one
It's a thin line, here's to Christian

[Chorus x2]
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