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[Ja Rule:]
Now Niggas Know I'm From New York
But Shit I Love Cali-Forn-I-A
From Back When Nwa
Rocked The Black And Grey Raiders Shit
On Some Gansta Shit
Niggas Wasnt Thinkin Bout Hoes And How
I Don 2-Toned The Blues Just To Ride Up The Strip
For The Look On Sunset Sun-Up On Sunset
Niggas Be On Some Pimp Shit
But You Already Know This
If You Ever Know This
By The Looks Of Me Baby Im Holdin
And I Aint Tellin If You Aint Knowin Ima Don
Meet Me At The ?
Ill Be Sittin Out Front In The Back
Watchin The Stars Born
And You Aint Gettin Gone
At Least No Time Soon
Cause We Headin Over To The Viper Room
To Get High
On Whatever Your Heart Desires
But You Can Start Given Head While We Ride Sunset

[Chorus: x2]
Can We Take A Ride Up And Down The Sunset
? Watch My Body Get So Wet
Tonights Gon' Be The Night
Baby ?
Ill Make You Feel So Good While We Ride
So Good While We Ride

You Already Know
Californias The Mecca Of Hydroliks
The Switches On Lowridas
The Daytins On Gold Wires
Westsidas Throw It Up
My Niggas Its All Love
Im Callin Out Every Crip And Blood In La
Essa's Hit The Strip On Dubs
Lets Hit The Club
My Bitches Start Strippin For Dubs
Mami Wassup
Lambo Doors Up
When They See Me They Show Me Love
Honk The Horn, Pull Over And Roll Up
The Chronic And Blow Dubs
Better Hope It Aint No Gun-Play
Cause Sunset Friday
Is Crenshaw Sundays
And I Love La
Like Snoop Love The Six-Tre
Where Would I Be Without Dre
To Live And Die In La
All We Know Is Lowridas And Sex
And What Happens On Sunset
Stays On Sunset
Got The Whole Strip Throwin Up Dubs
And Since Pac Died
It Aint Been No California Love

[Ja Rule:]
La, Ghost Ride Ya Whips
For The Bay
Put Ya Stunna Shades On
Sittin On Chrome
Candy Painted Impala 6-4
6-Duece Continetals With Suicide Doors
Cant Help But Floss
When You In Floss-Angeles
Just Learn Ya Dress Code B's & C's
Cause Its All About The G-Code
Niggas Fuckin ?
Ridin Down Rodeo
With Twins That Resemble J-Lo
They Wanna Get To Lickin And Pimpin
The Right Places I Promise
I Be Patient Before I Get
To Replacin A Bitch
I Mean In 2 With This Shit
That Means Its 4 Lips At One Time
Around One Dick
Can Be Doin It While We Hittin The Strip
In The Back Of The 6
Sunset We Ridin High On It

[Chorus x2]

Ill Make Ya Feel Good While We Ridin Baby
So Good While We Riding Baby
So Good While We Riding Baby
And Your Love Just Drives Me Crazy
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