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Keeper Of The Crown

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Stone and mortar
Mixed with blood
Keep an ancient tale

Of the tower
And the secret
Of a mother's prayer

For the throne
Men once fought
For the right divine

In days of old
When blood was spilled
To seize the kingdom

The victor to the throne
The vanquished to the tower
One to lose his head
And one to wear the crown

Once a king notorious
Regarded man not God
Cruel and wicked in his ways
The sword his only love

Spilling blood
And spilling tears
Till all despised his name

Paving foreign lands
With tombs
Of his bravest men

Grieving wives and mothers cried
May heaven intercede
Stop the senseless sacrifice
Of their children

In the guise of glory
The nobles waged a war
They feigned to sail against a rival
On another shore

Once beyond the sight of land
The king would meet his fate
When conquered by the kingdom of
The master of the depths

In the shadow
Of the castle
Silence seized the land

On bended knee
One and all
Revered the judgement

Surely providence divine
Has revealed his hand

May his mercy ever reign
Over the hearts of man

Holy be the throne
The glory and the power
Our sovereign regale
The keeper of the crown

The victor to the throne
Till the final hour
In heaven and on earth below
Let thy will be done

Thy will be done
From the rising unto
The setting of the sun

Thy kingdom come
To God be the glory
Forever and evermore
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