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Running Back To You

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Ľubo Jankovič - Running back to you /3:45/

hudba: Ľubo Jankovič text: Pavol Kubica

I really want you
Now I really need you, my girl
Holding you softly
When my love can be easy with you
If you wanna stay
Oh, tell me baby
I´ll be yours and every – every day

I´m running back to you, girl
To the one I love
Running back to you, dear
To the love I need
I only need your patience
Is it real today – oh, yeah
Then I´ll be right to you, darling
From now and every day

I wanna stay with you, babe
Feeling the love of my life
I want it for all these days
And for the best of our times
Say - that´s a beautiful day
And you are the girl of mine – oh, yeah
I want to see you my darling
I´m running back to you
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