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State of Emergency Dub

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like a shadow in the night
swallows up that city light
like fire in the rain gets put out again
like a weapon kept concealed
explosive elements reveal
a criminal inside of you no ground to stand nothing to lose

the distribution of wealth
such a fucking scam
that's why its so hard to survive in this so called promise land
you gotta do what you got to do to get by
facilitate that permanent high
smoke filled lungs inside of you
its hard to dream of glory when you got something to prove
sometimes were all victims of depression and unrest
some people got no heart that's just the way its always been
some never find what their looking for
few get what they want and fewer get more
sometimes you got to cross that line
when you aint got enough to get by

like an angel lost in hell
i walk a path i know so well
i feel lost in a familiar way another memory i cant explain
cos its the bottle that seems to flow
through another day of the drunk unknown
im looking for a fight at 11.15 on a saturday night

wake up on sunday morning
to the sound of breaking glass & sirens calling
bricks & bottles in the street
alert the police, it's a state of emergency

and the traffic lights all go blinking red
and a voice on the radio says 'get out while you can'
and in the gridlock panic sets in
and there ain't no engine built fast enough
to outride the Armageddon
and if you don't give it up i'm gonna take it
and how long did you think you could keep me tricked?
i'll be cold walking thru the backbay flinging bricks
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