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Whispering Jesse

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I often have wondered in deep contemplation,
It seems that the mind runs wild
when you're all alone.

The ways that it could be,
the ways that it should be,
The things I'd do differently if I could to them again.

I've always loved springtime,
the passing if winter,
The green of the new leaves,
and life going on.

The promise of morning,
the long days of summer,
And warm nights of loving her beneath the night stars.

I'm just an old cowboy,
from high Colorado,
I'm too old to ride anymore,
too blind to see.

I sleep in the city now,
away from my mountains,
Away from the cabin we always called home.

I dreamed I left there,
on an old Palamino,
And Whispering Jesse rode right by my side.

I longed to hold her,
to hear her soft breathing,
The touch of her cool hands on my fevered brow.

Whispering Jesse,
Still rides in the mountains,
She still sings in the canyons,
Still lives in my heart.
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