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Dearest Esmerelda

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Dearest Esmeralda, in another age
Antiques would be modern
We would be the rage
Silk would be in fashion
We would dress in lace
Love would be the passion
And the saving grace
I slept one rainy night with you in Paris
Made up for a thousand wasted years
Dearest Esmeralda you are magic
I close my eyes and you make love appear
Dancing in the shimmer
Of a crystal chandelier
Shadows singing so low
Only we could hear
Moving to the glimmer
Shaking to the storm
Outside it was raging
But inside it was warm
We said goodnight in the candlelight and thunder
Now I wake and find you're never there
I'm becoming old enough to wonder
Happy that I'm still too young to care
Masterpieces crumble
Empires tumble down
Refugees and fantasies go underground
Romance lasts forever
Love don't fade away
They may take our future
But they can't stop yesterday
Cause somewhere in the cloudy skies of Paris
We were part of some artists design
Dearest Esmeralda you are magic
In the gray around me how you shine
Oh, how you shine!
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