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Children Of The Universe

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A heritage of vision was given to us all
smell the rose's fragrance
To hear the songbird call
To watch the distant moonlight fill the coming of the tides
To understand that life is more than always choosing sides
And some have seen what can be seen of sailing ships and kings
And some are given feet of clay , and some are given wings
Some must struggle just to breathe
Some have a golden spoon
And some will never leave the nest
While some walk on the moon
And don't you know the life that lives within the silent hills
Is just as rich and beautiful and just as unfulfilled
As man with all his intellect, his reason and his choice
Oh who's to say the nightingale has any less a voice
Silver dolphins twist and dance
And sing to one another
The cosmic ocean knows no bounds
For all that live are brothers
The whippoorwill, the grizzly bear,
The elephant, the whale
All children of the universe
All weavers of the tale
So palomino lie back down and dream yourself to sleep
The hawk flies with the mourning dove
The lion with the sheep
As far away as you may go
We'll never be apart
It's in your dreams that you will know
The seasons of the heart
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