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Crazy Ones

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(John Mellencamp/Randy Handly)
She's got tights on her legs
She's got a floppy French hat
Voodoo in her eyes
An endangered species on her back
She talks about the movies
She likes to talk about art
She can show you a good time
But you'll never touch her heart
Mama why do I always fall for the crazy ones
Mama why do they lay so heavy on my heart
Well I'm drawn to the devil every time we kiss
Mama why do the crazy ones leave me feeling like this
She's got backstage access
And she's a dancin' in the aisles
She looks a little sad and crooked
When you see her smile
She's got the magic heart
She says you cannot understand
She's got a secret hurt
She ain't gonna share with no man
She's got her mind on her business
She never wants to be broke
Well, I hate to see her suffer
But she just does not get the joke
I can't afford her style of living
I can't afford to get so mad
Every time I think about her
It just makes me sad
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