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Night City

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Whoa oh the sun the rain and the crossroads I wonder what waits up ahead
And only the ghost knows the answer to what happens after I'm dead
Streets of hell it's a jungle I see people with hate in their eyes
The man with the gun is just a child on the run from the light yeah
Night city in the city night
Someone's crawling out of sight hiding in the neon night city
The moon the wind and the shadows still we are standing in the shade
Wolves at the door still howling to eat you alive it's the game
Dreams have perished forever towers of stone to the ground
Sirens screaming someone's bleeding in the night
Night city in the city night yeah
Something's moving from the light hiding in the dead of night city city
Night city the sky begins to crack lightning will attack night city
The fame the fortune and the power soon falls another spotlight kid
Salt of the eye from my inner cry gonna die why
Night city in the city night yeah oh night city
Night city night city night city night city oh in night city
Raising devils on the way many more than you can slay down
Stay down in night city night city
And the wolf is at the door howling for more and more
In the city night city in night city
Just a dreamer shining bright rock you in the still of night city
Oh oh night city in the night city
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