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Road Of The Cross

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No trace of the holy
No light on the new horizon
Dead rainbows of time
Forgotten warriors and stories
No sight for the blind
We have crucified religion
Seeking secrets and signs
My inner voices scream for vision... ooh

Burning road of the cross your eyes are blinding
Spirit black you attack and chain my soul
In the devil machine the world is grinding
Hear the tick of the clock turning the wheel

Inside your mind you are the only one
Chasing dreams beyond pain
Pale face of the lost and lonely
You blame the moon and the rain... ah yeah

It's the road of the cross and we are turning
Coming back from the black to praise the sun
Sending waves with my rock the music's burning
Let it kick like a shock to make you feel

The unborn days of the future
Winding land in the dark
Tearing pages from the book of evil
You must keep your sacred spark... in your heart

See the sign of the cross it took us under
Looking back spirit black burning the wheel
I'm a man of the rock I give you thunder
Like a shock to the heart I make you feel
On the road of the cross... I'm going under
Spirit black coming back... you're not the only one
It's a devil machine... it's gonna burn
Hear the tick of the clock turning the wheel
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