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Thanks For The Letter

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Laying in my bed tonight-
Before I got myself up to write this song
2AM - paper/pen - contemplating
The struggle we're engaged in -
Does anybody really even care?
But then I thought of your letter and I knew better!
So I'll do it again - yeah I'll sing it again
For my family, myself, my friends, THE KIDS!

Thanks for the letter that you sent
Reminding me not to give in!

"Dear Punk Rock Star:
I'm just kidding - but I like to call you that now and then just for fun.
I like your attitude.
I like your songs, I've been a really big fan since I can't remember when?
See there are some times when I feel really alone,
cause I don't really have any friends, and I don't fit in at school.
The gym coach called me a "fag" in front of the entire class,
so now everyone puts me down by saying I'm gay.
But I don't care because I have nothing against homosexuals and the gym teacher is an asshole!
I think the things you say are important.
Thanks a lot.
Keep fighting!"

[Chorus (repeat)]
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