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[Verse 1:]
I start out just to vibe out I ain't about to bow out. I'm more gangsta then u r but I ain't about to row out. My season will come it has to, honestly I feel like I'm 10 months pregnant, I'm past due. Sencierly, untouchy these days I can't take nuttin. I'm tryin to treat my record like the Lord shit I'm tryin to brake somthin'. N mostly I'm up n stressin when other folks sleep n believe I know struggle n struggle knows me. My life owes me like an oven dose I'm slowly driftin to the arms of trouble n trouble holds me n nothin else is close to me more than pain unfortunatly, like a self-fulfillin prophecy I'm supposed to be...

[Chorus: x2]
I'm strugglin n it's troublin in the circumstance I'm dwellin in to find myslef in the corner huddlin with some angry men n I gotta settle shit again before they gotta kill again

[Verse 2:]
I should be chillin on beaches instead my bone freezes duckin glocks n Iwas n 12s like Jesus The realest thing to me is since I was defeatedis the only break I ever got was at recess so legitematly I remain very little releaved n that thug rappas I remain very little entriged n can u blame me with how we lived in the late 80's throwin rocks at the crazy ladies n when we played these crazy games the whole crew had crazy names we even had a crypper we called him lazy legs but my faith remains untouched n unchanged still in my block you hear more shots then a gun range

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
More to the truth no writin just me recordin in the booth forced by the loop n the guitar but I'm the boss of the group I speak truth deep roots remain equal danger the pain in my song is crazy but the sequal is stranger
Hey man I'm from the oddest hardest progress then departed I'm now known as a recordin artist spittin what little remains of your memories in your process bigger or little making your name into a colossus believe me I'm thankful my brothers still with me n ain't much changed Bobbys still troublin with me I'm? still mom n pory but we always dently I got a little recordin gig but evidentally

[Chorus x2]
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