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[verse 1]
Picture the morning, taste and devour,
we rise early, pace up the hour
Streets is rustling, hustling they heart out
you can't have the sweet with no sour

Spices, herbs, sweets and the flour
she came out precisely the hour
Clouds disappear, the sun shows the power
no chance of a probably shower

I feel in love with my neighbor's daughter
I wanted to protect and support her
Nevermind, I'm just 12 and a quarter
I had dreams beyond our border

Is it true when they say all you need is just love? (Is it true?)
What about those who have loved,
only to find that it's taken away?

And why do they say that the children have rights to be free? (To be free)
What about those who I've known,
whose memories still lives inside of me?

what did the young man say,
before he stole you away,
on that fateful day? (Fatima)

did he know your name,
or the plans we made,
to go to New York City? (Fatima)

[verse 2]
After school, we studied the lessons,
I asked God to slow down the seconds,
He does the opposite, that's what I'm guessin',
I better chill and count my own blessings

Fatima, Fatima
What is the matter?
How come you ain't come up the ladder?
So we can be like there is no tomorrow,
Damn, you gon make me wait 'til tomorrow

She spoke Arabic and Swahili,
She'd say "Upendo, Anta Habibi."
You so bright, you sound like my TV,
then one day, she never came to meet me


[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
If beauty was in the eyes of beholder,
how come everyone hushed when she walked by?
How come girls would look just to scold her?
How come the angel wanted to hold her?

Fatima, Fatima,
I'm in America,
I make rhymes and I make em delicate,
You would have liked the parks in Connecticut,
You would have said I'm working to hard again.

Damn you shooter, damn you the building,
Whose walls hid the blood she was spillin'?
Damn you country, so good at killin',
damn you feelin' for persevering.


[chorus II x2]
what did the gunman say,
before he took you away,
on that fateful day? (Fatima)

did he know your name,
or the plans we made,
to go to New York City? (Fatima)
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