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Solid Gold

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It's number one
(It's number one)

On your local radio
( On your local radio)

In the hall of fame, I'll be named
For my contribution.

It's solid gold
(It's sold gold)

I'm over come with joy
( And he's over come with joy)

And now I've topped the charts
Bless your hearts
I'm an institution.

I tip my hat to
( I tip my hat to)

Captains of industry
( Captains of industry)

You made me what I am,
a once unknown production
I'm a household word today ev.

And I want to tell the world
(And he wants to tell the world)

That the tax will bite
( Bite)

It's all right
Because I'm making millions.

Solid gold, solid gold
(over Guitar solo)

I'm on my way
(He's on his way)

To a life of luxury
( To a life of luxury)

And now I can't back out
There is no doubt,
I was meant to make it.

(Taken all this time to hear him say...)

It's solid gold
(Solid gold)

Solid gold
All mine
Solid solid gold
Lovely solid gold
Solid gold
Lots and lots of solid solid gold
Give me more MCA
More gold
Solid gold
I'll do anything, for gold
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