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Chip On My Shoulder

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A person of great and original creative ability
Of extreme talent and superior intellect
This is genius
Chip on my (chip on my)

I can't hold it in much longer
Words are gettin' stronger
I'm gettin' closer to you
You're closer to me
So knock the chip off and we'll see

[Verse 1:]
Now I got a chip on my shoulder
Might as well be a boulder
I'm holdin' it [? ]
And I got a holy road of motors
Take a bite off my, right off my plate
Then I'm leavin' a piece [? ]
[? ] the meat with no seasoning
You can't even it out with a steam roller
I steamed over your free thrower
Sick in style is Ebola
He colder than a mouth full of Ricola
Bacardi on the rocks and Pepsi Cola
Maybe you be that [? ] youngster when you're a wee older
Chip on your shoulder when you know you're an elite soldier
Believe me, don't wanna see me on
When I hit TV, better leave me on
Spit telekinesis as far as it reaches
People can see I'm a beast at this
Hit the repeat and the heat don't be leavin' this
Got a chip on my shoulder and I'll bet you'll be shavin' it


[Verse 2:]
Ay ay!
There's a chip there (too)
Got a bear you too
While I dare you
What I say to you might scare you
The rap's apostle'll possibly pop you
Wrassling hip-hop with a birds eye view
When I had on a mask since I was about two
So (they're gonna laugh) at me not you
Lyrically I'm the atrium
[? ] when ya facin them
Never mind cause you hatin them
40 said if you do you do diligent
You could be killin em stacks you could [? ] pill up their philly [? ]
Krizz I pissed in all of the cylinders
Even if we get crumbs for runs
The stadiums are still fillin up
We killin em
Anybody runnin up
The head on the snake and bat flyin mammals so nigga what
Gone dig em up
Yo favorite rappers and start feelin em again
Kali'll kill em again

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