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Greed Machine

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It's pure obsession
That's in your eyes
Some call it dangerous
I call it a crime
You love your money
Say it loves you too
You think it's the only thing
That shows you gratitude
I can't believe how you live
You got nothing to give

It's all part of the greed machine
Make your mark on the
Greed machine
Cut out the heart of the
Greed machine

Stare in your mirror
And tell me what you see
Is that a vision
Or our society
Now you have to face it
And why'd you have to lie
Put the poor back on the streets
And leave them here to die
You can't afford the price you'll pay
Your soul stripped away


Now you're dying
Why should people care
They're all just trying
To get their rightful share
We have no pity
See they have it all their way
No one to grieve for them
On their judgement day
You have to face all your sins
Your hell now begins


4. Too Far Gone

One foot standing in the grave
One more shot is all you need you say
Poison running through your veins
That dirty needle driving you insane

Addiction hides you from the truth
Can't you see the things it
makes you do
No one wants to see your face
Now live in shame with your cold disgrace

Falling to the ground
screaming without a sound
Fading into black
Praying you come back

Can't you see
That you're dancing on the edge
Once you're lucky, twice you die
But you're too far gone
You need another rush
Like a bullet in the head
You once were lucky,
Now you're dead
And you're too far gone

Caught up in your world of pain
All you want is to be high again
Speeding to your last dead end
You never listened to a word I said

Falling to the ground
Screaming without a sound
Fading into black
Praying you come back

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