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Charm Attack

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He's the kind of guy
Who's always passin' by
Who never has time to spend
And he'll take you for a spin
And won't look within
To find out who you are
And he numbs himself with weed
He's from the coldest breed
Who judge by what they see
And I thought he was
Smart enough to know
That the girl on his arm
Will never calm his storms
Watch out, he'll charm you

Smoother than the L.A. weather
That's how he holds himself together
He is colder than the winter
I wrap my coat around to better
Counteract his charm attack
That leaves me hungry
Well, I'm no savior
But I tried to save you
With all my love
that rages high inside.

And he has his minions
With no real opinions
'Cause they all walk on glass
And your lies become the truth
And give me the proof that you really care
With your gorgeous grin
You have the world sucked in
Believin' in everything you say
Watch out, he'll charm you


And he stamps on every emotion
And he dampens each and every explosion
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