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I Just Wanna

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So ya full of every little anecdote
I wanna hear ya hit a different note
You're the way I wanna rock your boat
Just right, just right
I'm in a place you'er never been before
So check yourself before you bang on my door
Be prepared and ready to explore
We gonna take this higher

I don't mind those accusations
They're just a one-way conversation
And I don't need no complications
Alright alright
We don't have to go the distance
So drop your... resistance
Feels much beter when you got assistance
And you're gonna be mine

I don't want you to treat me right
I just wanna uh uh
And I don't need you to spend the night
I only wanna uh uh
Don't assume you're doing me wrong
If you wanna uh uh
I just wanna go... all night long

Peel the wrapping see what's underneath
Licking your lips cause it taste so sweet
I'll make your day, I'll make your whole damn week
If you, if you
Gimme a feeling like I've never known
No limitations you can make your own
And when it's over don't look over your shoulder
Get up and go...

Pick me up on every innuendo
Play me like the new nintendo
When you're done, it's around we go
Back to the start
There's nothing wrong with being superficial
Load me up pull the trigger just like a pistol
And then... there goes the whistle
It's all over now


I just wanna be with you
Won't ask you any questions
Don't care where you take me to
Just don't make me your possession
No matterwhat goes down tonight
We'll go our separate ways by the mornin' light
But 'til then you gotta do me right
But I don't need, don't need

[Chorus (x2)]
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