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Wait For Rain

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I think I’m talking to myself
Hello stranger, hello friend
It’s just a touch of madness
Nothing serious to blame

We’re all living in our flawless world
Afraid to fail ashamed by blame
Will I ever be the same if I apologize?

I love you to pieces, yeah
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
You love me to pieces, yeah

Let me in
It’s me again
I cursed you
Let me in
I’m sorry
Just make me whole again
I’m in pain, I’m sorry
I stepped on your identity
If you ignore me
I better wait for rain
Wait for rain

My pain is not mutable
Your voice is overloading me
And my bad burning conscience is killing me

I better wait for rain
Wait for rain
I love you to pieces
You love me to pieces
We better, we better wait for rain
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