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Action Girl

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You're not one to play it safe or wait
no, it's all about the fight
You got something to prove but something to lose
and you are not about to pay the price

You got things you need to do
Got a lot of tombs to break into
And I don't mind just waiting here for you while you do

Hell to raise
A bane to evil
Trading blows with all eager unsuspecting foes
Versus the world, all on your own

Be the cause and never pause, there is always
something about to hit
You got bombs and guns, a cross and stakes
and you are not above throwing a fit

Bring your badass attitude
And bring your sis' along with you
I so don't mind just waiting on you girls for a few

No one said it would be easy for you
That’s why I’m here to be your toy
Now take your clothes off and enjoy
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