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Shout And Cry

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Get up on your feet
Don’t you feel the urgent need
To fight for that what’s in your mind
Break the chains that hold you now
You’re the leader of the crowd
A fire is burning in your eyes

Chorus I:
Shout and cry – shout and cry
Fight against the holy law
Roar it out – this is war
Shout and cry

Many people had to die
Victims of their own damned lies
Because they fought against the law
You strong men in your jails
Break out and strike the spells
You are soldiers of the holy war

Chorus II:
When you shout in the night are you ready
to fight
With the ring of the bell soldiers sent out
of hell
When you shout in the night yes you feel
it’s alright
And your thoughts runnin’ free now it’s
easy to

Shout it – roar it out
Shout it – there’s no doubt
Shout it – Break the spell
Shout it – Time will tell

Chorus I:
Chorus II:
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