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here we´re standing at the end holding memories in our hands
still we hear the final call then it´s quiet after all
empty places, empty streets, empty glasses, empty sheets
all what we´ve been longing for we don´t see it anymore
all comes to an end we understand

so much more we´d liked to see places where we planned to be
stories that had just begun at the end for everyone
all the good and all the bad often funny, sometimes sad
preparations for the show seems like many years ago
scenes of any kind stay on our mind

all dressed up in different styles travelling many thousand miles
to enjoy and to compete where a hundred nations meet
when the best are at the start they light up a million hearts
what they want is all the same be an actor in the game
immortality for you and me

time for heroes, time for tears, time for courage, time for fears
time for those who earned the fame and the losers of the game
joy and music in the air play of colours everywhere
dreams of glory and hooray now have left for yesterday
voices of the play now die away

different worlds are shining bright all together, side by side
nothing´s holding us apart keep the spirit in your heart
peace and friendship all above an illusion that we love
now there´s nothing like before may this last for evermore
may this dream come true for all of you ...
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