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Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony

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Idols falls like autumn leafs swept away by ice cold rain
where are you now when the sinners who gave you power cry out in pain?
and when the world turns darker than you can understand
where is your supremacy then, you delegates of the holy land?

Bloody nights for all the saints who used to shine so bright
between this world and eternity there is not a single fight
grasping for straws you amongst your remnants desperately digs
only to find our that the ground is always frozen for miserable pigs

who dares misery love
and hug the form of death
dance on destruction's dance
to him the mother comes

face the king of the burning ground
he who decides how the future begins
he who'll show them a world without you

and he, who rules the burning ground
represents the change that you fear
a world without your boundaries
a world without your control

he who lovest the burning ground
have made one of your hearts
and he, hunter of the burning ground
mayest dance his eternal dance

he who lovest the burning ground
now tears your souls apart
and he hunter of the burning ground
laughs when he dance on your graves

idols die like meadows green when frost unleash its cold
and when all love is gone now, what will the future hold?
the memories you leave behind - just splinters which in the wind blow
go abandon your hopes and die in pain - it's biblical you know

forget about the future you knew did not exist
your work is being pounded to dust by Satan's armoured fist
you pledged allegiance to your lord, your golden cross you kissed
in the valley of death, thy kingdom gone, it vanished in the mist
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