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Here I am

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I'll protect you don't be scared
No matter what I will be there
I'll be gentle I'll be light
These are the words you whispered in the night
Here I am
Here I am

Now I'm standing in the cold
(everything is said and done)
Atomic winter in my soul
(from the absence of the sun)
The only remedy I know
Is I got to let you go
Here I am
Here I am

But where were you when I was scared
A broken promise left me here
A post-it note is what I’ve got
It says "I'm sorry" but I know you're not
Here I am yeah
Here I am

There will come a day when all of this is in my past
And there will come a day when you're out of my head at last
I'm trying not to fall
Damn it's such a long way down
But here I am
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