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Call me maybe

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we met this rapper online,
he´s so adorable he´s nine
yeah back up ladies he´s
mine, you´re getting in my way
he makes good videos too,
invite him out to our shoot
his older brother is cute
still getting in my wai
i love this lip groos!
hey, that´s the one that i bought !
look! i can´t tell from this sport
where you think you´re going? pinch me
hey! we just met you, and this is crazy
you´re so adorable!
thanks, but i´m no a baby
i bett all the others girls, try chase you !
look how precious!
that´s nice, but i´m not a baby!
hey i just met you, and they´re all crazy!
i like your hat thoung
thanks it´s matty....
i´m used to all the girls, so let´s all face me
let´s take a picture
say chesse, matty baby!
i´m like yo, even thoung i´m not
grown up big i wanna do me,
do me can i live
my flow that´s for, not you
wanna play with, i mean
hey matty need a friend?
that´s cool i´m just trying
to clean in head, this rap´s
is the last i ever lived
i can see me blowing big on
tour on tour
you win the cutes award
umm, hey we´re talking...
yes that´s why we´re stalkin
let´s go and we´re walking
i give up
wait, we just met you, and
this is crazy
i dig this enthusiasm ladies
but i´m not a baby!
and all of my friends, think
you´re amazing!
so do you have a girfrend
dani he´s just a baby!
girls look i just met you all,
and you´ve very crazy.
i know righ, so here´s me
number, so call maybe!
and all of us girls
drive me crazy!
think you´re the cutest
teenage crazy town
before he came into our
likes we messed him so bad
we missed him so bad
i missed him so, so bad
i guess they´ll never realize
but they should know that
hey can we wear you hat?


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