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Carmen Sandiego Has Really Bad Morals

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MC Lars:
With so much drama at my detective agency
It's kind of hard to be an A.C.M.E. agent like me
Because Carmen Sandiego, well she keeps evading me
She's freaking hard to find! Rockapella agrees
She's elusive, not conducive to a crime-free planet
Robbed the banks of the Nile, and I can't understand
She stole the Mason-Dixie line, so I'm searching for clues
How much damage can an educational computer game villain do?
She stole the Grand Canyon and the Sydney Opera House
The Golden Gate Bridge, tell me what's that all about?
Now she's even going back in time, she's messing with my mind
She stole the Magna Carta and the Maginot Line
She's single-handedly and in charge like Scott Baio
I'm chasing her around like a bull in rodeo
She needs should be locked up just like Galileo
This girl stole my breakfast, please lego my Eggo

She's a - kleptomaniac, but she must refrain from that
Crime record shows every heinous deed's insanely whack
She's up to no good with her zany hijinx
She took a trip to Egypt, stole the pyramid and Sphynx
She stole Stone Henge and she stole the Eiffel Tower
How do you freaking steal the freaking Eiffel Tower?
I'm learning a lot with every single spot
I think she might be at but it turns out that she's not
The chief is on the phone, dude leave me alone
Carmen's surreptitious, as the evidence has shown
She might even steal your heart, so I must warn ya
She's so damn hot when she rocks her Red Fedora
I've chased her to Berlin, Trinidad and Tobago
Where the ---- is Carmen Sandiego?

Lars & YT:
Carmen Sandiego has really bad morals
Carmen Sandiego has really bad morals
Carmen Sandiego has really bad morals
Carmen Sandiego got really bad morals

Lars: I never knew gaming could be so educational… is it recreational? (Is it recreational).
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