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Nerdcore Players

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had a problem with the chicks in the early nineties
now i pimp women until I'm ninety
poster child for the geeky life
manifested get the girls undressed and
get it on get the ladies sex and
put the mic down and pick a drink up
later that night I'll beat the pink up
check my site i put a link up
contact me I'm a digital g
come from the net but born in cali
west coast player I'm the mayor of the get down
fly rhymesayer chicks say I'm the best now
put me to the test now
see why girls died from the 99 to meet me
computer hacking skills pay the bills and they greet me
oh so sweet

You know we're the truth sayers
We're the nerdcore players
I'm pimping like John Mayer
My game is heavy like Slayer

MC Lars:
Girl what's your name, what's your sign, where you from?
Want to go hyphy, want to go dumb?
I'll tell you jokes and make you laugh
Sad lonely nights they're in the past
Mountain Dew I'll buy you that (yup!)
Beef jerky I'll but you that, books about Nietzsche, I'll buy you that
BART tickets to Richmond I'll but you that
I keep it real like ontology
A priori player, fly like ornithology
"All Apologies", I'm so In Utero
My castles in the clouds like Victor Hugo
TPFR - True Pimp for Real
Ask anyone you know, I'm a very big deal
I sold 20,000 with minimal promotion
Wake up you're in love like Billy Ocean!


I'll get her number you run point
land every broad up in this joint
or I'll be the wingman call me goose
grease chicks like bacon we so footloose
they're obtuse were acute shes so cute
rubbing on my tracksuit
tell 'em lars how we do it in hurr
get up on the mic and do that thurr

MC Lars:
YT and me we pimp these ladies
KOL-Con V, we made some babies
At Comic-Con we met some chicks
Who knew all of the Lucas flicks
My Monty Python makes them holler
Laptop baller, game shot caller
B, A, left, right, guess who I'm taking home tonight!

YTCracker: You use protection right?
Lars: That's right YTCracker! A true player's always gots to wrap it up!
YTCracker: Word!

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