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Subdued and repressed. A son of the vortex in faceless progress, coaxing, tugging, grinding. So elevated so God.
Refit this vessel of confusion to bring the eloquence of the mute.
Incorporate this forfeit cause, assimilate and fake it mine.
I bow my head and taste the lies that I'm fed, all to claim my reward.
Master and servant. One for all and all for none. Ignorant to the distant hymns of chaos,
the progressive stand before me. Their eyes fixed in the distance, default to conform to the new.

They animate me. In confidence I thrive. My reign: supremacy. I speak no word unheard.
Re-motivate me. I'm all there is to be. An omnipotent being so complete in my diversity.

Ripples race across my eyes. Breaking out in acid sweat. Wills shrivel and crack.
Disintegration of my inner self. I find the substance lost. A shed shell of a being of disgust.
Done is the cleansing. Complete is the surgery of the soul.

Step inside and taste the shackling thoughts that devour all confidence. Realizing I'm lost.
Being no more than a mutt with a fake pedigree. Stillborn soul shaped and molded.
I can live an eternity in a minute's time. A borrowed talent filled with copied goals.
The carcass of hope lies dead beneath the fabric of dreams. Facing the truth within the mirror of souls -
ha ha this is what I've become. Always been in this emancipated state. Submerged, battered and numb. Just a mindscape fit for illusion to make fear into reign and fulfillment of pain. Kneeling in permanent solitude.
The minions of the inside claim me

Re-animate, me cause I was once alive. Defeat smears out my focus. Consciousness subsides
Unmotivated. Beheld by scorching eyes. Infinity stares back at me. The surging darkness coils to strike.
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