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I'ma, go getter, cash flow flipper
Straight from the jungle so call me a gorilla
I got cash but I stay grindin' for more figures
For the scrilla I'll move a brick quicker then the next nigga
I got bling all up in my teeth (Mike Jones!)
I run the game so I'm the king of the streets
Niggaz showed beef cuz I'm on top
before the fame they ain't care if I was dead or not
But now I'm hot they wanna baller block, scheme and plot
Tryna do whatever it takes to take me out
I wonder why cuz I'm on top of the game and mad at that
Once I blow yo career you can have it back
But until then I'm flippin' 'fins stackin' benjamin's
Tryna get me and my family in a benz
So I grind, hopin' one day I'll shine
Leavin' haters behind, so if you wanna shine
You better wait in line
Platinum Underground, November 18th
When it hit the stores, November 18th
That's my birthday, that's my b-day
You think I'm cold as fuck, check out my DJ
'5000' Watts, you know we on top
WhoMikeJones.com 'finna wreckshop
Yeah, Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, yeah!
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