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Ohhh grandma (MIKE JONES! Who?)
DJ Slice, tear me up baby, tear me up
This heah for my grandma mayne
I love you baby
The whole family miss you baby
I'm fin' ta tell the world, how important you was to me

[Chorus: Mike Jones]
Ohhh grandma, I miss you
and wish I could kiss you and hug you girl
Ohhh grandma, I miss you
and wish I could kiss you and hug you girl
The way you used to hold me - the way you used to hold me
The way you used to show me - the way you used to show me
Befo' you left you told me - befo' you left you told me
That I was gonna have to keep the family up
(Mike Jones!)

[Mike Jones]
April 14th was when, I felt I lost a friend
I damn near stopped rappin, damn near stopped pimpin pens
Cousin locked in the pen, when will this drama end
I get success but it feels like my stress begins
At 17 thought I was grown, had to move on
Moved out T. Jones home, had to do this on my own
My grandma left my life, I felt it wasn't right
I get awards and I break down and I cry on sight
Cause she ain't here with me, but I know she hearin me
Beg and plead, that she could still be here next to me
Even though you passed and left, yo' memories are kept
In my mind, heart, and soul - even on my shelf
Now I'm left with cousin Shelly, Jessie, and they real, and Gary
(?) and my brother, Uncle June, and my mother and
even though sometimes I get too busy to touch you
From me to y'all I want y'all to know I love you


[Mike Jones]
Grandma remember when we used to play them bones and you would skunk us
And you never had a problem punkin us in front of company
Wally just had a son - he's a daddy, I'ma uncle now
Wally just had a son - he's a daddy, I'ma uncle now
Latran playin ball, I pray to God he goes pro
And Gary Jr. gettin bigger, I just thought I'd let you know
that the family's okay, everythang's cool and straight
Juanita and Nicky just told me to tell you they said hey
And I pray day to day that the Lord'll pave the way
And you keep lookin down here just smilin, just showin ya pretty face
And I still hang around my homies that you see while you were here
Oh and my girl better than ever, she too wish you was here
You know I'm grown now, so I'm puttin food on the table
24 years old and I got my own label
Ice Age Entertainment, we about to take it over
T. Boy rappin now - he's Mellow, and Wally is Lil' Soldier
(?) still rolls with me, we close shoulder to shoulder
That gator that you gave my granny I use it to sew the game up
Me and (?) was partners, we both now CEO's
It's all good but I wish you was able to see me grow


[Mike Jones]
Man, it's crazy, y'knahmsayin?
Dis the main reason here, she the main reason why..
.. y'all listenin to me today, y'knahmsayin?
True story check it out, true story
A lot of people always used to wonder how I got up in the game
Y'knahmsayin? My grandma was, 99.9 percent of the reason y'knahmsayin?
It's crazy though, I mean, I used to go to strip clubs all the time and
try to get people to listen to my CD, you know?
And they be like who are you? And I'm like "Mike Jones"
And they'd be like WHO, y'knahmsayin?
And I used to always tell my grandma and she used to always tell me
to use that, y'knahmsayin? Cause they gon' regret what they did to me
Y'knahmsayin? So I started usin it, and it worked, y'knahmsayin?
And.. it's it's just crazy mayne y'know?
I started sayin my name a lot - y'knahmsayin?
I started givin my phone number out - y'knahmsayin?
When people was tellin me that it wasn't gon' work
My grandma was tellin me to do it, y'knahmsayin?
She told she seen a vision and, that's a hell of a vision y'knahmsayin?
And.. really I started givin out my album, I started promotin it and
all the stuff that y'all been hearin me do, I got it from her
Y'knahmsayin? And and that's the main reason, why I'm here today
Y'knahmsayin? And and it's crazy man, it's crazy y'know
I'm I'm I'm here and y'all listenin to me, y'know
So I never woulda ever thought..
..that I'd have the whole world listenin to Mike Jones, man, it's crazy man
I didn't even wanna use my real name, y'know?
But grandma was like, boy you better use that name
It's gon' blow you up one day, y'knahmsayin?
And I was like man you don't know what'chu talkin about
And now I'm here, "Who is Mike Jones?"
Holla at'cha boy..
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