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Woke up confused in a place I didn't know
And heard the hissing of an overused stem
The air around me is corrupt and on the take
Heard someone shout
I think he's breathing again

It seems at first that no-one ever succeeds
You shove and shove until you're ready for more
And if the truth forgets to visit again
Don't take offense, he's never been here before

Shove! Shove! Shove! Shove!
Shove in my head
Shove! Shove! Shove! Shove!
Shoves you instead
Shove! Shove! Shove!
Puts you flat on your back
Shove! Shove! Shove!
Till the quiet attacks

Feels just like someone sank their teeth in my head
They tried to suck away my everlasting soul
I talked to God and all his literary friends
Said I was late so I just shoved it in again

Shove it again!
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