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( You might want to ignore these since I can hardly make sense
of it. )
Hot lava comes down big monkey goes floatin'
On a boiler coming down like rain (" Oh yeah" )
Hot lava cools down ( big babble 'lectric cap( ?))
Going ( loco( ?)) with the boiling ?
( Got lava I mean always take( ?)) ready to serve
With the hand. ... .... you lost and you found
( Got light it goes inside some boulder ....(?))
He wants nothing but the ( tip( ?)) on your crown "( Be Healed,
Be healed! )"
Hot lava, lava
"( Be Healed Be healed! )"
( Big kick a mule piston banged up and let's boil 'er( ?))
( Like Patty and the people in mind( ?))
Big boiler make hot gray matter not ....
Like the ( dragon poppin' two inside( ?))
" Be healed! "
Hot lava, lava
" Be Healed, Be Healed! "
Hot lava
Hot lava
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