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[Bonus Track]
[featuring Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through]

Corners terrify when triggers are pulled.
All sights await as you enter these rooms.
Filled with scavengers
Scavengers awaiting their pray.
Take the high ground pick off enemies.
Don't let them see you turned away,
Away from these battle cries,
Battle cries that surround our kind.
Sulfur fills the air.
Wounds bleed out.
Don't let the mother fucker catch you blind.
This is a fight of modern kind.
Just let this warfare fill your mind.
Create and decimate
With a silver spear in your fucking brain.
Can't you realize that you're a fucking waste,
Fucking waste of my time.
I'll rise up before your eyes,
Bring you down before you know.
Cut your throat if you get to close.
Keep your distance far from me.
Take all you want I'll be back
Somewhere you'll never find.
Eyes up above, you wish you had.
Watch for me, I'm in the sky.
Pull your trigger,
You wish you could.
Bring me down,
You wish you could [x2]
Like a predator I'll reign upon you.
Like a predator I'll reign upon you.
There's only seventy things holding me back,
Holding me back from destroying you.
Just wait for the day when you'll be,
When you'll be laying at my feet.
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