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As my senses evolve I need to learn to stand my ground.
I am forced into a shaking world when all I need is safe and sound.
I am not satisfied.
Looking into a mirror but I don't really think I need to reflect.
I am unrealistically happy although I know it's just a state of neglect.
I am not satisfied.

As the fire burns I'm standing still, I'm paralyzed and cold
(Watch my dream unfold)
I am practically liquid and although I'm breathing I am dead
(although I'm breathing I am dead)

I am second in line when all they needed was number one.
I am sitting in the corner of that circle they placed me in.
I am not satisfied.


I don't mean to disagree but it just seems that I am lost in situations that
won't ever turn out in my favour.
I might just give in.
It just seems that I will always live my life face down.

And Still I am not satisfied

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