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Suspended Animation

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'28, in the grip of depression
Alleviate all the pain of conception
Don't hesitate you got to raise your ambition
Annihilate all the theories of suspension

40 years of agony waiting to be free
Victim of the gruesome days of the 20th Century
The Future is a mystery a question of Salvation
Frozen in a tomb of ice Suspended Animation

Meditate just can't help my aggression
Violate on the verge of destitution
Deviate the master plan of my ascension
Mitigate all my lack of contribution

You said it didn't matter, fate can't be changed
You never even told me the world was rearranged
Nothing's getting better the years are getting worse
I think that I'm a victim of the animated curse

Take me back to my own time when things were not as bad
The end of my suspended dream
A time when there were peaceful nights when wars were not so sad
A promise that I must redeem
And when the years are rolling by I know I won't regret
It's never better than the past
The future wasn't meant for me and that I won't forget
Suspended Animation was the curse that had been cast
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