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The One To Sing The Blues

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Don't know what I did
To make you feel that way
I can't always say
Just what I want to say
I'm out of place again,
You're on my case again
Bringing up the past
And sling it in my face again
Put me in the frame,
So even if I win I lose,
Going down slow
Ain't the only way to go,
Listen to me honey,
Gonna tell ya something funny,
Miss me when I'm gone
You'll be the one to sing the blues,
Seems to me the good times
Ended way too soon,
Seems like faded echoes
In an empty room,
Strangers in the night,
Strangers in the light,
Seems like every word we say
Just makes us scratch and bite,
Thought we had the answers,
Sure we couldn't lose,
What you want from me,
Is all the things that I can't be
Listen to me baby,
I'm beginning to go crazy,
Miss me when I'm gone
You'll be the one to sing the blues,
More I think about it,
It's a goddamn shame,
Opposites attract
'Till they become the same,
Daggers in our eyes,
Time to say goodbye,
Time to stop pretending,
Time to stop the endless lies,
I wish you luck, babe,
I hope you find a dream
And it comes true,
What my eyes can't see
Don't make no difference to me,
Listen to me faking,
Even though my heart is breaking,
Miss you now you're gone,
Now I'm the one to sing the blues.
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