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Wake Up

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You go to school with your head held down
You try to fit in but they push your out
Too many people put your face in the ground
You'll get them back you'll get them
Even if you gotta wait it out the rage is out
And you feel like you're worthless
When you're breakin' down
No one's around there's gotta be somethin' better than this
You wanna feel like you're livin'

Wake up wake up son it's just a voice in your head
Get up get up tell 'em what you should have said
I know they get to ya but you got a future
Don't let 'em take you done
Wake up wake up boy you're gonna live again
You think an attitude can make you cool
Sick and tired of being everyone's fool
You think daddy's gun is gonna erase all the scars and the pain
But you better weigh it out don't ever doubt
In one moment your life can change
It's easy now to live it down
You say you feel like a number now
But you're more than a number


You can waste your time try to
Find someone to blame and let it out
But all you need to hear is everything is gonna be fine
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