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Kill Joy

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Ah, hah, ha-ha ha-UHH-ah [repeat 4X]
Everybody let's go!

[Verse 1]
Little, Red, Riding, Hood, went riding on her bike
She got just a little distracted cause she see something she liked
Just because it ain't grandma's house don't mean that it's all good
Cause no one cares, if she's in there, and the wolf's still in the woods
(Beautiful losers)
To you they might look beautiful, but they're rotten in the inside
(Beautiful losers)
When there's so much dirt up under the cupboard
There's a big ol' lump that can't hide, c'mon!
Here they go again, wearing disguises to a friend
Watch the bullets ricochet, off of the Hummer like
Blam ba blam, blam ba blam, hey hey
You know they won't succeed, you know relentless they will be
You should tell 'em clear the way
And tell 'em to step back, back ba back, hey hey!

Kill joy, kill joy, a kill joy, a kill joy
Watch them bullets ricochet like
Blam ba blam, blam blam ba blam blam
Kill joy

Everybody let's go!

[Verse 2]
Think back when you've met them, you'll see it in their glances
That's the seed, that led to trees, which eventually led to branches
Cold, as a snowball, downhill to avalanches
Believe you me when the world is coldest when the devil does his dances
(Beautiful losers)
Don't you wonder why, you always end up in last?
(Beautiful losers)
Well, I would bet you anything that it's karma from your past
Wake up little boy, there's no spaceship here employed
Cause that they shut away, like
Damn da damn, damn da damn, hey hey
You're impoverished at your knees
But you gotta stand up and face the fees
And that's when you say, get your shoulder up
Dap ta dap, dap ta dap, hey hey


Ahh, hah, ha-ha ha-UHH-ah [repeat 4X]

Everybody let's go~!
Kill joy [echoes]
An N-E-R-D film, starring... YOU!
Also starring, HIM
Color provided by, "Seeing Sounds"
Good night
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