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Goodbye Letters

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Feels like clouds today
The sky is gray
The sun been hiding for a while

People walk by the window of his car
Look in, lock eyes
Betray their thoughts with a smile

‘Cause you know your gaze is cold and distant
Your stare could chill in an instant
This January air

But why refuse an old friend’s offer
For a warm ride in a car
From here to there

He’s inside in a store up the street and you wait in the car with too much time to think
Your brain is playing movies of past, present, and future,
You made up your mind, you know what you need to do here

Aching for freedom and peace you chose your path
Crafting the life you someday hoped would come together as a work of art
Now it remains
Unfinished abstract images
On bits of canvas
Scattered round your heart

You had some laughs while they lasted
Some joy before you cast it down

Fleeting moments, like bubbles that float through the air
Then pop when they hit the ground

And now you’re tired of bubbles and dreams
And magical moments that burst at the seams
And old faces that swear you remain friends
All the while knowing no one really knows you in the end

And now you’re writing goodbye letters
On the armrest of the backseat of a stranger’s car,
You’re writing goodbye letters on the armrest of the backseat of a stranger’s car

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.....
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