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Cant Get You Off My Mind

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It was a rainy day, in the end of your life
i packed my bags, and i went for a ride
i took everything that i ever had
i kissed you good bye, it made me so sad
and i promessed you that i'd be back someday
we both knew it didn't end that way

the days went on, the years went by
i can't remember much, but i'll never forget

i can't get you off my mind
you'll always stay in me dreams
i can't get you off my mind
no matter i try, you always stay


i took the wrong tunnel, down in a (lake)
i was stoned to the ground, there was no time to pray
and i lost everything, i was a fool for fame
now it's too late, but it doesn't matter anymore
no, it doesn't matter anymore

it's time to leave, there's nothin' left for me
but don't forget me when i'm (down and dead)


I can still remember you whispering in the night
everything's gonna be alright
everything's gonna be so nice
oh baby baby yeah yeah



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