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Neil Young Are You Passionate

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Are you passionate?
Are you livin' like you talk?
Are you dreamin' how
That you're goin' to the top?
Are you negative?
In a world that never stops
Turnin' on you
Turnin' on me
Turnin' on you.

Are you loving it?
Can you ever get enough of it?
Is it everything?
A love that never stops,
Comin' to you
Comin' to me
Comin' to you.

Once I was a soldier
I was fighting in the sky
And the gunfire kept comin' back on me.
So I dove into the darkness
And I let my missiles fly
And they might be the ones
That kept you free.

INSTRUMENTAL: (solo pres INTRO akordy)
Cmaj7 Am G/B D
Cmaj7 Am G/B D
Cmaj7 Am G/B D/A Cmaj7/G D/F#

Once I was a prisoner
I was riding in a truck
Cleaned up for a public display.
I looked at those around me
And when they looked at me
I let them see my soul on that day.

Are you scared of it?
Do you wish that it would stop?
Does it bother you
When you hear your spirit talk?
Well I'm right with you
Yes I'm right with you
It's working on me
It's working on you
It's working on me.

INSTRUMENTAL (jako minulé)

C x32010
Cmaj7 x32000
Cmaj7/G 332010
Am x02210
G/B x20003
D xx0232
D/A x00232
D/F# 200232
E 022100
B 224442
A x02220
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