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شنق Shunq To The Despaired King Of Darkness

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[Guest vocals by Karl Sanders]

إذا ما ترعرع فينا الغلام”
هوه فليس يقال الذي من
إذا لم يسد قبل شد الإزار
فذلك فينا الذي لا هوه
ولي صاحب من بني الشيصبان
“فطورا أقول، وطورا هوه
[Hassan ibn Thabit ‘RA’]

Congregation of "Shaisaban" is summoned
To bind the flesh and the soul
Strings of pre-domination crafted
Through chants in Bermuda halls

Flames grow higher and higher
Its smoke cloud's their pungent plains
The birth of a desolate empire
Shall aspire from its remains

The malignant battalion is called forth
Eradication of the mental state prepared
War chants led by the horns now heard
All to serve their lord, despaired

يا ملعون النفس الخبيثة

إخسأ يا خبيث النفس
I Ba'el merchant of wars
إهلك يا محدث الرجس
I Boyiir commander of plagues
ذق العذاب في دنياك
ذق العقاب من براك
يا مصدر الكفر والحسد
ليتك تشنق بالمسد

Scholars seek my refuge in hymns
I Bihemoth
Monuments shall reflect existence
I Istaroth
Vanquish the heart of thee
I Marishokyas
كرهي لك يغمر البحار
ويعلو في صدري كالجبال

We are the ones who dwell within
Then shall the sun rise from the west
The gates of repentance closed
Bring forth the beast followed by fire
Let the despaired be judged
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