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Sexify my love

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Hey, baby I feel it, can't conceal it, gotta reveal it
Cause I'm in the mood to give it to ya
Really gotta concentrate and now we're gonna consummate
So, lets conversate
Cause I think it's time that we became one love

One body, girl, I wanna get it started
Its our own little private party, forget about tommorow right now
Right now, we could have a river tonight
Right now, right now... freakin' it however you like

Sexify my love, give into my touch
Baby, tonight I'm gonna set you free
Sexify my love, let your body talk
Baby, surrender all your lovin' to me

Sexify my love, sexify my love...

Girl, don't be shy, you're looking so fly,
Tonight I wanna try every position we can dream of
All over the house, workin' that thing, girl, makin' you shout
Take it fast, slow, do it like a full slide, all the ways to get low, low...

One body, it's our own little private party
Lets do this, lets get started
Forget about tommorow, right now
Right now, we could have forever tonight
Right now, right now... freakin' however you like


I don't care where we are, on the hood of my car
Out in public, making love in the streets
All alone, back at home, we can do anything you want
I'll give you heaven while we mess up the sheets

Chorus 4x
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