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Stare at you

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I still get lost, caught in a daze,
Tongue tied, just like the very first day...

I saw you and I'm so amazed
Cause the look that got me twisted still hasn't changed

Your sexy eyes never lie,
Baby, I lose myself (when they open)
Girl, forget about goin' out
Baby, I'd rather melt (So, I'm hoping)

I can just stare at you forever (Oh, baby)
I can be here with you doing whatever (My lady)
It's not the way you look that brings me to my knees,
It's the way you look at me
I could just stare at you forever
If forever you were staring at me

What do you see? I can't figure it out
You're talking to my heart withought making a sound

I can't lose when I'm caught in your eyes
(I feel like superman) Got me up in the sky

Your sexy eyes never lie
Baby, I lose my ground... (You're so gorgeous, oh...)
Girl, forget about goin' out
Baby, I want you now...


Baby, keep the lights on
I'm gonna stare at you all night long
And we'll keep rocking 'til the sun shines
Waiting 'till the moonlight to do it again

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