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Die maggots die

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I can't face the truth now
* I'm standing in darkness
I can't find my answers

And we ran in to battles
To claim who we are
Now we're standing in silence

Betrayal is all i remember of you
And the pain of exclusion

Now you're standing in front of me
Begging for truce but it's your execution

Rest of you run for your life
I'm in for the pain
The pain

Run with your friends made by lies
You made me insane

Find love to learn how to hate
We've been trying to love but we failed

Your eyes are empty and blank
Now i'm all set on you and i feel like a tank

Bring me everyone
The past can't be undone

Maggots fucking maggots
I'll hunt one by one

You're laying in my arms
You're bleeding all away

And I
I leave you to the sky
Because you just want to die
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