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The Painter

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If I were a painter, mixing my colors
How could I ever find, the blue of your eyes?
The canvas can never, capture the light of your smile
Of your smile

And girl, if I were a sculptor, working in marble
I couldn't hope, to copy your perfect face
The curve of your body, the feel of your skin
My hands could never, ever trace

So I'll try and find a melody as beautiful as you
Find the words to say your eyes are bluer than blue
Fill my voice with the emotion I'm feeling for you
And now, when the beat is so strong
I'll give my heart in a song

Oh girl
If I were an actor, I could be someone
Someone who'd always know, the right things to say
But as soon as I'd see you, I'd forget all my lines
And you'll never know, what I feel inside


There's no other way (no other way)
That I know to say (I know to say)
Baby, how much I love you
And if you'll only give me a chance

Oh girl,

Chorus x2

I'll do, I'll do what I do
You know why, know why?
Your eyes are bluer than blue
Uh huh, yeah,
I said I'll do what I do

I'll give my heart in a song

You know I'm not a painter, actor, baby
It dont matter

I'll give my heart in a song

Oh, you're so beautiful

Give you my heart in a song
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