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All Thats Best In You

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You've grown so much, you've come so far.
I never thought we'd end up here.
I know i have seen this picture before.
It reminds me of you when you were home.

Sometimes you're all I see
Sometimes you're all i feel.

I wanted to tell you goodbye and know that you're safe.
Now that the pain is gone the love remains.
I know all my faults turned out to be so true
I couldn't see all that was best in you.

Words so hard they broke your heart.
Robbed you of you're smile that would save the world.
A friend I'm owed for a friend I lost.
A friend that never left me unsure.

Sometimes I don't believe
And sometimes it's everything.

I wanted to tell you I lied and I made mistakes
And when i failed in life, it was you I blamed
All my faces that you could see right through
I couldn't see all that was best in you.

You are my hope when giving in. You are the ink under my skin
You are the day that I await, You are the only chance I'll take
You are all I am and was before. The things I hate and I adore
My handfull of hope and a little more.

I wanted to tell you a tried, to make it ok.
But with just one letter gone I lost the name
Of that little boy that was smiling back at you.
He could see all that is best in you.
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