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You can't control year after year
Embrace oblivion with fear and weep and bleed and fall down
Perfect creation of mankind
Welcome to paradise!
Welcome to addiction, depression, corrosion, affliction
correction, repression, relapsing, collapsing
Into the abyss of progression
Together we create despair and guilt and anger
We should justify our crimes
Ignore the shore of sympathy
I die

The weight of the world keeps you in fear
You confine yourself in agony
And condemn yourself to misery
More and more you turn into yourself
No one can prevent this tragedy:
Confined in yourself
Confined in pain
Confined in agony and shame
Condemned to misery
Prevent this tragedy!!!

Welcome to the perfect creations of the human race
Injustice, ignorance, prejudice, oppression, to name but a few
As an individual we just have to justify all crimes
And ignore our own conscience to fit perfectly in this society

The mourning after...
To oblivion we fade the morning after we fail to wake
My child...
To oblivion we fade the morning after we sail away
And the crowd weeps...
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