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Hat And Rabbit

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I've got a blue eyed sun
He burns the same for everyone
I had a new best friend
He went and let me down again
I've got a green green grass
It grows so tall and grows so fast
You've got a crooked tooth
He loves you straighter than I do
When I see my blue
I still think of you
I've got a black out name
But hand me down I have no say
A hat and rabbit magic show
Magic hand won't let me go
When I shape my trail
You'll be the first to know
And when you wag your tail up at the blue eyed sun
I see angels quickly picking up their guns
How could the sky be blue for everyone at once
I've got a blackout name it can't be the one you want

(ba ba ba ba ba da ba...da da da da ba da da...)
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